10 Book Reviews in 4 Minutes

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www.youtube.com www.thisisnotforums.com Talking fast comes in handy when I lose my camera charger and need to review ten books in four minutes.
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25 comments to “10 Book Reviews in 4 Minutes”

  1. Comment by 123kittyfacebook1:

    my friend was in the musical Les Miserables

  2. Comment by dyslexicxheart:

    no way! I read The Bermudez Triangle when I was like 13, way before I knew who Maureen Johnson was, and I loved it. this makes me happy.

  3. Comment by mythmanjay:

    “THE RULE OF FOUR” – I would give a review here, but I’d probably spoil it if I said anything more than ‘somewhere between “Indiana Jones” & “The Da Vinci Code,” with a nod to a reunion for “The Breakfast Club”

    (I suggest you do a review of it that would be way-better).

  4. Comment by packers9001:

    hey guys check out my book review blog. wow
    (.)tehbookreviewer(.)blogspot(.)com soon to be updates :)

  5. Comment by purplebubble4021:

    @vagg1982 he was joking

  6. Comment by jasonmontes1492:

    That was one of the most thoughtful reviews I’ve read in awhile. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Robert Olen Butler’s new novel “A Small Hotel.” Keep up the great work, I just subscribed to your channel.

  7. Comment by vagg1982:

    @AmandaV03 please do explain…

  8. Comment by AmandaV03:

    @vagg1982 I hope that you are joking or are you really that dumb?

  9. Comment by vagg1982:

    Les miserables IS already a classic. It was published in 1862…way before the musical or any film adaptation. When u review sth u should at least know the details. U cannot say it will be a classic, as if it was published yesterday!

  10. Comment by xImmortalDarknessx:

    I was looking up Novels to read for a book review and I saw VlogBrothers on the recommended and I just clicked and said: Yeah, I totally trust the Vlog Brothers with my grade :D

  11. Comment by thundervlogTV:

    a short book reveiw? Harry potter: Amazing

  12. Comment by KawaiixLettucex:

    At least three or four of these books are ones that I’ve been meaning to read for ages. All of them got favorable reviews. I’m glad my tastes have your approval, Hank.^^

  13. Comment by daniyellowjello:

    Do you live in a library?

  14. Comment by ILUPEOPLE:

    Have you read the unabridged version of Les Miserables?

  15. Comment by JediVulcanTimeLord:

    Anything by Matthew Reilly is great for just a crazy non-stop movie-esque thrill ride. Some are full of wise-cracking marines, others are like Indiana Jones with way more guns! And one was like gladiators meet aliens…
    Also, Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching the Clock by Christopher L Bennett is great if you enjoy having your brain melted by temporal physics and quantum mechanics. The characters are just hilarious as well!

  16. Comment by MusicalsAreLove:

    Two things–
    1. This entire video was giving me a panic attack because I thought your camera was going to die at any second.

    2. Every time I see the “Collapse” by Jared Diamond book, I am haunted by memories of AP World History. o_0

    but other than that…awesome video! You guys Rock!


  17. Comment by Vw3216:

    Anything by Laurie Halse Anderson. Her books are rather disturbing at times but are SO worth it.

  18. Comment by MsSkodge:

    Uhh… Hank, how long ago was it that you read The Truth? Even I am not *that* confused, and I remained convinced for several months that Sacharissa was Death’s daughter.

  19. Comment by akavioletcarson:

    Anything by Chris Crutcher is wondrous. I adore his books, so very entirely way too friggin bloody much. Great books for teens, dealing with a lot of very real issues. And all of his books have been banned.

    Also, Robin Mckinley. Holy fridge her books are great. There’re swords as well as sorcery, but it’s strangely far from typical sword-and-sorcery. At least, The Blue Sword and Hero and the Crown are this type. She also writes a mean fairy tale re-telling, especially of Beauty and the Beast.

  20. Comment by TrixieGoforth:

    YOU ARE GREAT! I’m 87 years old but I cook real good. Marry me.

  21. Comment by pashun88:

    Gosh, he talks so fast. Slow down.

  22. Comment by kaikiyukionna27:

    The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine: This is the same author of Ella Enchanted, and she has written many fantasy stories, which are all amazing. They aren’t so realistic they take away from the whimsy, nor vice versa. I love the heroine in this book because she is very atypical-at first, she’s nervous, terrified of spiders and the dark and many more things, but proves to be braver than she thought. Very sweet and will have you turning the pages faster than you thought possible

  23. Comment by shybutsecretlyinsane:

    I just finished reading a book and I was looking for more good books when I stumbled upon this video! Thank you!

  24. Comment by VanillaOrchid95:

    Books I recommend:
    I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan (along with the rest of her books): Teen Thriller, warning: do no watch the movie it was completely buchered.
    Beastly by Alex Flinn: Teen Fantasy/Romance: I have not seen the movie, sounds a bit too altered but the presence of Neil Patrick Harris makes up for it.
    Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury: Dystopian: Warning: swearing, suicide attempt, murder, worst of all, book burning (gasp, tear). Movie: altered with some bad acting.

  25. Comment by aspieworld451:

    A…D…H…D…am i right? i keed

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