Book Review #22

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Visit my Raw Food Store for supplies to get started: In this video I give a review of some of my favorite books. To date I have lost over 215 lbs with the raw food lifestyle! More videos to come so stay tuned and subscribe on my YouTube page and on my website! Aired 11/26/08

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25 comments to “Book Review #22”

  1. Comment by TheCharliegold:

    A intense book that I recently read is THE SPIRIT WATCHER by Brendi Ploof that I got at It kept me interested until the end and is a must read!

  2. Comment by youngfirefly:

    I should be banned from amazon too.. for the same reason!

  3. Comment by reynalay:

    haha-that is exactly how I am, I have 10 books on my stand and tons on my ipad and then I go to the library & I still get more.. lol

  4. Comment by bookconsumption:

    Great reading advice, good stuff!

  5. Comment by jasonwkeller76:

    Check out this great book. The Razors Edge book 1 strength In Unity by E.L. Randolph. You’ll be glad you did!

  6. Comment by TimeLapseirz:

    i do the exact same thing, i have like 40books that im reading at once

  7. Comment by ChocolateORE:

    Hahaha, it’s good to know there are other amazon freaks out there.

  8. Comment by LovingRaw:

    @crazyangelflora20 the adult ones are through the roof, so amazing!

  9. Comment by crazyangelflora20:

    Those Peaceful Warrior books….we used to own a children’s version of kind of a mash up of them, and I used to love it and read it all the time. I didn’t know there were adult books too! Mind is now blown.

  10. Comment by Itsfaith33:

    i read mutant message down under. a good read.

  11. Comment by gregster421:

    read darren shan

  12. Comment by anonymous7180:

    Crime and Punishment :)
    Atonement <3

  13. Comment by cosmicgate07:

    I think you should…read book by wont have fun and enjoy reading crzy like that….

  14. Comment by tappentiggerer:

    I’ve pretty much got many books too in a line for me to read that I have bought. Trying to find balance between homework and reading, but reading always wins.

  15. Comment by Sexiinecey:

    I need one cause I cant cook!

  16. Comment by katinatreesee:

    Hey, great review! Glad to hear that you are a “book hound” lol
    I’m a book reviewer and review a book a day on Youtube… glad to see that there are others who appreciate the written word! :)


  17. Comment by FictionBookFreak:

    ha!….Im the same way, but I try to stop myself!!
    I get like that with John Saul Books, or books with really nice book covers.

  18. Comment by paomontenegro92:

    i cant read just one book
    xD that happend to me!! im always changing books!

  19. Comment by brndvgh1:

    books are cool we all shod read

  20. Comment by LovingRaw:

    @perrynm dont know any that have both… but I always likes The Sunfood Diet Success system.

  21. Comment by perrynm:

    can you recommend books specifically for beginners thinking of changing their eating habit and juicing with a purpose, I dont want to just juice I wanna juice to gain strength, energy and for detox purposes… please help there’s just so much information out there i am feeling overwhelmed,,,

  22. Comment by twinkleytweets:

    Totally know what you mean obsessively buying books and making piles of them waiting to read.

  23. Comment by mikedowd66:

    Movies of inspiring books usually ALWAYS disappoint, but the Peaceful Warrior movie is awesome. The acting, cinematography, pace of the script and the music work brilliantly to tell Dan’s timeless message. The pomelhorse scene makes me cry everytime.

    Thanks for the book introductions. A few I hadn’t heard of and will be getting. Thanks!

  24. Comment by jeintennessee:

    will u pleez do a reveiw on a louis l’amour book

  25. Comment by slowbreakfast:

    so you guys actually don’t cook anything and eat everything raw, right?

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