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Question by Annoynomous A1: Book stores?
The book is called “Encyclopedia of immaturity” This book teaches me how to be immature and never grow up. It’s also full of prank ideas. Just in time for my school prank. I found Walmat was the cheapest with the price $ 14.68 including standard shipping. They don’t have this book in stock in the store. Where else can I go to buy this in the store or online for a cheaper price? If it’s in the store I won’t mind paying a dollar or just a little more than that extra.

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Answer by I’m 100% Man
Try Goodwill or Salvation Army

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2 comments to “Book stores?”

  1. Comment by mexicanboy17:

    Did you try BarnesandNoble? What about BORDERS?


  2. Comment by Nadine:

    How about ordering from Amazon? You can get them as cheap as $ 9.57 there :)

    Or there’s one for $ 5 on ebay.

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