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  1. Comment by MsDerangedJoker:

    WHY does he seem high???

  2. Comment by LadyCadbury:

    @aeikerts: Reading that IS Crime and Punishment! lol Just kidding. :D

  3. Comment by tw1l1ghtrocks7:

    Read the House of Night series by P.C. cast and Kristen Cast! theres like 9 out and a little over 300 pages. very good books! (:

  4. Comment by mickman31187:

     I will post a video here soon. My book has just been made available at Books a Million. The title is “Chili Pimping in Atlantic City”. This is my story. A story about the third dirtiest Cop in the history of N.Y.C. and how I’m trying to right my wrongs. Please give it a try. Thank you.

  5. Comment by mollybird123:

    It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. They made a movie out of it like two years ago but DONT be thrown off by it. It is actually a very good book and very realistic about teens and depression. Also If I Stay is a good quick read, although it’s more of a girl book.. maybe Brittany will like it?

  6. Comment by TheOn3LeftBehind:

    And I also like it because it’s a good book. xD

  7. Comment by TheOn3LeftBehind:

    Good Omens! Everyone likes books by formulaic writers, like Nora Roberts, and I fucking hate formulaic writing. I like Good Omens because there is no love interest. I also hate books with a love interest. I want murder, suicide, genocide, ANYTHING, just not love interests!

  8. Comment by aeikerts:

    CRIME AND PUNISHMENT BY DOSTOEVSKY. that is my very favorite book.

  9. Comment by StKitteh:

    (sorry, hand slipped. stupid touch) anyway, You NEED to read His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass; The Subtle Knife; The Amver Spyglass) by Phillip Pullman. Storyplot is AMAZING. The ideas are so original and complicated.

  10. Comment by StKitteh:

    You NEED to read

  11. Comment by spen25261:

    you should read lost hero by rick riordan and the lightining thief and the sea of monsters and the labyrinth and last olympian then lost hero!!!

  12. Comment by lambofgod914:

    the bible

  13. Comment by ambsbee101:

    @Aragalinna was JUST gonna suggest this :)

  14. Comment by Aragalinna:

    Hunger games by Suzanne Collins.

  15. Comment by DCshirley:

    @cubanvip I loved the outsiders as well :) 

  16. Comment by cubanvip:

    The Outsiders was a great book. I loved the whole plot line and ending. Got my imagination going.

  17. Comment by 1misanthropist:

    Stay away from commercial modern fiction !! And by “commercial” I mean nonliterary books such as New York Times Bester fiction.AKA- John Grisham, Tom Clancey, Danielle Steele, Clive Cussler, Nora Roberts, Robert Jordan Dean Kootnz etc If you are going to read modern books, then stick with nonfiction. In fact as far as great books go ( those that have the highest aim which is to educate you , but are also entertaining) start with Juvenal’s “Satires” , then John Wilmot, Schopenhauer etc.

  18. Comment by LotusElf1:

    @WHOletTHISdie It’s Haruki Murakami. Great book, reading it at the moment.

  19. Comment by MaggieRyan95:

    The Glass Castle.

    it makes you appreciate your life a little more

  20. Comment by colleenr825:

    “Everything Matters” or “God is Dead” by Ron Currie Jr, or “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” by Dave Eggers, or “Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett :)

  21. Comment by theFlyinglightning:

    Anything by John Green.

  22. Comment by PeopleHaveLimbs:

    @PeopleHaveLimbs i ment 2 right Have to look for

  23. Comment by PeopleHaveLimbs:

    Kyle please read this because i read some of it and couldn’t get it :( well if you like (or know) My chemical romance, The lead singer, Gerard Way, Wrote/drew for a comic and i love it (the most i have read anyway) Its called “The Umbrella Academy” Right now there are only 2 books in the series (i read like 1 half of the first 1) I know its at books a million, Thats were i read it, Its a book you half to look for, They will probably only have one copy of each book, maybe.. Its awesome though

  24. Comment by buttar22:

    read Paranoid PArk

  25. Comment by SpiritlessNight:

    @xprettyawkwardx Ellen Hopkins books are great! Impulse. Burned. Identical. Tricks. are the ones I read and liked. :D

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