Books, books, books, bookz.

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watch in high quality please, it makes my face look better i promise. haha. Its a nice vlog of me talking about books that are good that are not Harry Potter, Twilight or other popular books out there that everyone hears about :) I know that when people recccommenndd thingss you dont normally check them out- but its something in life I’ve learned to do…. cause its really cool to.. haha… ok im done. just enjoy :)
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25 comments to “Books, books, books, bookz.”

  1. Comment by cavemen3304:

    im a dude and i loved jane eyre it was amazing

  2. Comment by TheMegerz:

    Dexter is like the best show ever

  3. Comment by alexkg1:

    Gone with the Wind…like the musical?

  4. Comment by hodoboc:

    Boobs are cool… Err, I mean books. Yeah, books are cool.

  5. Comment by trixy219107:

    You read good books…so I decided to subscribe =]

  6. Comment by defeatdeath:

    i just jacked off to this video, shes soo fuckable

  7. Comment by AlarmClockCheez:

    the harry potter books go up to only 800 pgs

  8. Comment by RachelxRenee:

    i love reading (: oh god, i’m such a nerd lol

  9. Comment by SchulerMA28:

    Ok this is my favorite series, don’t laugh because it is classified as a children’s or young adult book by libraries and bookstores. (they are usually over 300 pages long) My favorite series is “Redwall,” by Brian Jacques. He adds vivid details that pull you in. One warning, don’t read his books on an empty stomach. He describes extravagant feasts too well.

  10. Comment by paramorefan234:

    wtff? MORON! book are BETTER than the movie by FAR!

  11. Comment by paramorefan234:

    whats that one about? Im sure ive seen it somewhere before!
    Is it good?

  12. Comment by secilu4lifeX:

    god u look sexy hear

  13. Comment by DCKar2nist:

    dearly devopted dexter= GOD

  14. Comment by eatsleeprepeat93:

    Chuck Palaniuk! You should read ALL of his books! :D  Man, they are freaking amazing. My favourite by him issss Invisible Monsters. It just rips your mind apart.

  15. Comment by toadroll:

    You have really good taste.

  16. Comment by OSOK995:

    Dearly Devoted Dexter is the second book, you should start with Darkly Dreaming Dexter, then Dearly Devoted Dexter and then Dexter In The Dark.

    I can’t wait til Dexter by Design and Dexter is Delicious come out …

  17. Comment by linziinthesky006:

    if you don’t like books then you’re most likely stupid.
    this is a great vid! a lot of amazing books :)

  18. Comment by elendilsv:


  19. Comment by elendilsv:

    If you don’t like her, don’t waste your pathetic “arguments” to get some attention…Looser

  20. Comment by amandabplease:

    Palahnuik is awesome. Rant is great.

  21. Comment by erickutepow:

    I hate books. If a book was any good they would have made a movie of it by now

  22. Comment by MooseOfReason:

    Someone on the internet suggesting respect? Where am I and what have you done with YouTube!?

  23. Comment by saadahsan:

    At least respect her.

  24. Comment by WereSoDoomed:

    When are you gonna do a video in a string bikini? You know ya wanna…. That would be wholesome, you have some juggies there I see. You just get on here cause you think you’re hot anyway, so why not?! And do some dancin’ and jigglin’! You can still talk while you’re doin’ what we all really wanna see ya do. Ok, great! Knew ya would, thx!

  25. Comment by twinkstabopper:

    Yeah, Survivor is amazing. I’m trying to get through Choke by Chuck Palahniuk these days. Choke is hilarious, if you haven’t already read it or seen the movie. But it definitely lacks the craziness of Survivor and Fight Club (which is my favorite book, was also my favorite movie for the longest time). Lullaby, though it’s kinda slow to start, is pretty good. I’ve also tried to read Invisible Monsters, but… I just couldn’t get into that one.


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