Borders customers can opt not to share their info

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Borders customers can opt not to share their info
NEW YORK – Customers of the now defunct Borders bookstores may want to take action if they don't want their personal information shared with Barnes & Noble. Depending on their specific circumstance, the Federal Trade Commission is reminding consumers

Bishop's blunder
Bishop's National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act would allow the Customs and Border Protection agencies to ignore all environmental laws meant to protect land, air and water within 100 miles of the US borders with Canada and Mexico.
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'Battlefield 3' beta brings back Caspian Borders for the weekend
PC gamers were disappointed when the Caspian Borders map was removed from the Battlefield 3 open beta just a day after it became available to everyone. DICE announced this morning that the 64-player, vehicle-filled map is back for some more testing
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