Borders Goes Bankrupt (How to get cheap books)

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TOP digg I take a look inside a closing Borders Bookstore to see what all the hullaballoo is about. After doing a little research, it becomes quite obvious why they are being slaughtered by Amazon.
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17 comments to “Borders Goes Bankrupt (How to get cheap books)”

  1. Comment by AlienBeliever897:

    I’m going to fucking miss Borders…

  2. Comment by yelly789:

    Outliers, hardcover at Amazon 16.08- 2 day delivery 9.99 standard shipping- 3.00 + tax But if you spend over 25.00 free shipping 5-8 day delivery or as it becomes available. By Outliers at Borders 50% off it’s around 15.00 and immediate gratification for having that book in your hand. Oh yeah, the Kindle version costs 9.99 to download a book. How is this a better deal? You lose the right to browse through a store, touch the book and read the back. Wonder if you’d buy a TV at Amazon??? LOL

  3. Comment by hayes1324:

    Thank you!! The coupons were great and you didn’t have to pay shipping. Even if we shipped it to people, they got free shipping in the store, and usually even when they were home shopping online too.

  4. Comment by TheWolvesblood6:

    Is it racist to smile at the placement of the glitch pink line perfectly covering the posters thin eyes? Yea… it is

  5. Comment by jackwilliamr:

    Comment below? Okay. You’re kind of a douche with a misrepresentation of facts. But, hey, whatever. Amazon is able to keep low prices because they operate under a different set of rules – for instance: no sales tax, no staff (hell, no “stores”), the ability to keep prices lower because sellers of used merch have to pay Amazon fees… This isn’t a slam on Amazon, but when you get to operate under a different set of rules it makes it easy to succeed.

  6. Comment by csrt4ss:

    Emotionally vulnerable? Sorry we’re all losing our jobs… And, we sold the books at LIST PRICE, and if you were smart (which you were probably one of the people who turned the FREE card down), you got coupons which made them at least a third off. But I see you know everything already, so I didn’t have to tell you that, right?

  7. Comment by priyonjoni:

    and your view on how borders crush mom and pops stores and is now losing to the online stores, is exactly what i thought

  8. Comment by priyonjoni:

    that flashing purple line completely covers your eyes

  9. Comment by CrassHeretic:

    Fuck you. I’m not emotional vulnerable–I’m emotional volatile. The next person who tells me “this is cheaper on Amazon” gets a swift kick in the ass.

  10. Comment by Aperson1990:

    It sucks donkey dick that Borders is closing.

  11. Comment by pezflower:

    Thanks for the video that immortalizes the 11 THOUSAND employees who loved books, took home crappy pay, and still came to work every day! We still had independents all around our area, even with many stores in the DC area – I could name at least 6 right now. So you know what? F*CK YOU!

  12. Comment by L0GAN811:

    I like barnes and noble…

  13. Comment by CHRISTINEWHO:


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  16. Comment by jmboy44:

    My friends are losing their jobs and you are gloating! I bet yous

  17. Comment by sbrocksman:

    Ironic indeed, the place that killed many bookstores is going itself. Borders went bankrupt and shut down in the UK just over a year ago, and it’s Australian/New Zealand business has also recently gone bankrupt (only one store has currently closed though), more than a coincidence, I think. I loved Borders (I went to the UK stores) and it was a shame to see it go.

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