cheap books?

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Question by Love4Hockey: cheap books?
where can i buy cheap books in canada? What are some of the cheaper stores to buy the Uglies Trilogy?
i didn’t know about the the free shipping thing after spending $ 25.
i have never even heard of any of the books on the site that u provided but thanks anyways.

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Answer by dani
Try ordering online. Amazon sells books for half price and if you spend more than $ 25, you get free shipping.

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4 comments to “cheap books?”

  1. Comment by Paqrat:

    well just simply, order them online,,, Ebay.

    I personally look at Amazon & Half. They have a great selection but you have to know what your looking for :)

  2. Comment by Lakely:

    You can read some new books for free at New Free Books.

  3. Comment by Elizabeth P:

    Try the used section of Indigo

  4. Comment by Ali:

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