Classic books?

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Question by lovelovelovelovelo: Classic books?
I have to pick a classic book to read, and don’t know whether to pick The Bell Jar or The Catcher and the Rye. I’ve already ready The Catcher and the Rye before, and liked it, but I might want to try something new. Let me know what you thought of the books and help me decide. Thanks.

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Answer by TheVet
You could go with Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. It’s good. Could definately pass that off as a “classic”.

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5 comments to “Classic books?”

  1. Comment by lvplts:

    They are so different that it is hard to tell you what to do. As a female, you probably would find it interesting to see a female point of view, although thefemale hero of The Bell Jar is slightly older.

    In any event, I think that it is a book that all females should read at one time or another

  2. Comment by Helta Skelta. ™:

    To Kill a Mockingbird.
    My favorite “classic”.

  3. Comment by fdslsg:

    when i read the bell jar, i felt like it was a female version of the catcher and the rye; it’s great :)

    to kill a mockingbird
    lord of the flies
    the crucible
    the diary of anne frank

  4. Comment by Dot -Xoxo:

    All the way The Crucible.
    The Great Gatsby
    Sherlock Holmes
    Call of the Wild
    Gone with the Wind
    A Tale of Two Cities
    Treasure Island
    The Scarlet Letter
    Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage
    The Count of Monte Cristo
    Little Women – Alcott
    Animal Farm – George Orwell
    one flew over the cuckcoo’s nest
    death of a salesmen

    Pride and Prejudice- Austen
    The Jungle – Upton Sinclair

  5. Comment by reader:

    It seems to me that you are saying that you need to choose between those two books. If that is the case and you have already read and enjoyed The Catcher in the Rye then I think you should choose The Bell Jar. They are both favorites of mine and have been since I was a teenager. I think that since you liked Catcher there is a very good chance that you will also enjoy The Bell Jar. It’s a really good book that moves right along. It’s funny, because as different as the two books are they are also sort of similar. Anyway, I’m a big re-reader but I do think it is important to read new stuff and it will make your assignment more interesting.
    Read Plath! C’mon, it’ll be fun!

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