Classic Game Room HD – 100 CLASSIC BOOKS for Nintendo DS review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews 100 CLASSIC BOOKS for Nintendo DS from Nintendo and Harper Collins. The portable bookshelf for your Nintendo DS filled with 100 classic novels like Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Jungle Book, Wuthering Heights (in semaphore?), A Tale of Two Cities, Frankenstein, The Time Machine, Black Beauty, Phantom of the Opera, 20000 Leauges Under the Sea, Heart of Darkness, War and Peace and more! Books from writers such as Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Jules Verne and HG Wells are included in this collection as well as some biographical information. This is an ideal travel companion for those who want to bring 100 classics books along on vacation and also play Mario Kart DS. Scrap the laptop and iPad, they can’t play GTA Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS. After moving down gang members with an Uzi, you can relax and end your day by reading Emma from Jane Austen. This CGR review of Nintendo’s 100 Classic Books has gameplay (sort of) from 100 Classic Books on Nintendo DS.

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25 comments to “Classic Game Room HD – 100 CLASSIC BOOKS for Nintendo DS review”

  1. Comment by Omunall:

    To the reviewer, I just wanted to say from all the times you have looked at the DS carts as being amazing for their size…you can actually fit up to 200+ of them on a micro SD card :)

  2. Comment by dwagothegod:

    @sad1621 Where to google?!?!

  3. Comment by sad1621:

    were to download??

  4. Comment by RawHunterX:

    In the sequel they should include a leaderboard which tells you how many every player/reader books read and how fast they finished them.

  5. Comment by mstoxicme:

    This is fantastic.It is fun on the dsi xl.

  6. Comment by murderiwrought1:

    “Mr Darcy pwns” LOL!!!

  7. Comment by jasonm7280:

    Classic Book Room

  8. Comment by vandaidx:

    Important things missing in this review:
    -Downloadable books.
    -You can grade books in 10 aspects (funny, bizarre, deep, etc) and check the global scores using Ninty’s Wifi.
    -If you don’t know what to read, you can take a really weird survey (at least in the UK version) and the game recommends you a book based on that
    -You can set background sounds to pretend you’re reading on the forest, a train, a cafe and other places.
    -The UK version has two times as many Jane Austen books than the US one :D

  9. Comment by MrKISSfan12:

    I’d get an Amazon Kindle.

  10. Comment by JDJeffery:

    Betcha if this were on the SNES, Mario would have something to do with this.

  11. Comment by RunTitan09:

    Is one of the books Enders Game?

  12. Comment by xxcrysad3000xx:

    Being able to change the size and amount of text per page would’ve been a much appreciated feature, as well as a dictionary reference where you could utilize the touch screen to look up a words definition instantly. That would’ve been amazing.

  13. Comment by AliJalal93:

    how can i read these books? is it a game or a downloaded file or what?

  14. Comment by ElCholoProductions:

    thats a game? or wat?

  15. Comment by rko320:

    This book couldve been back in high school

  16. Comment by illustriouschin:

    This does not look very practical, think I’d rather have a Kindle or Nook if I was going to read digi-books.

  17. Comment by LeonPryde:

    @ocean3865 You get to read all of the 100 books (and the 10 that are downloadable) from cover to cover.

  18. Comment by ocean3865:

    do u get to read the whole book on the game or half of it.

  19. Comment by ocean3865:

    I would love to have that.especially after a hard day of work.u can go home read a book with soothing music.That game is fo me!

  20. Comment by 0987654321a9:

    awesome book music

  21. Comment by PvtPlatypus:

    Trending teenage vampires LMAO.

  22. Comment by tombert256:

    Hey, it has some Mark Twain; it can’t be all bad.

  23. Comment by Haloskulls117:

    your worried about being charged for getting stuff from your bags on an airplane? im worried about being toched by the TSA and going through those radiational scaners!

  24. Comment by xDanielx2016:

    Because of your comment Mark, I’m gonna read “War and Peace” on an airplane! Wish me luck!

  25. Comment by MattTheSaiyan:

    ……books…..on a video game system……wasn’t it bad enough when they did that on the CD-i? (well, I guess this is more portable, though).

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