Feminist Bookstore – Portlandia on IFC

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Aubrey Plaza guest stars in Portlandia, Friday’s at 10:30/9:30c, on IFC.
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25 comments to “Feminist Bookstore – Portlandia on IFC”

  1. Comment by HippieDrummer06:

    i was laughing really hard at 1:44

  2. Comment by pinz2022:


    Obviously, they’re not of the “sex-positive” feminist school.

  3. Comment by poopmaster13:

    Man. Is it just me, or do the Glenn Beck tea party morons come out of the fuckin’ woodwork on Youtube. For as much as they talk shit about “us liberals” being out of work, lazy bums, these people sure do spend a LOT of time on the internet, commenting on every single Youtube video they find. How do they have the time to do that, unless they too are lazy, out of work bums? Who, by the way, are also likely collecting “socialist” unemployment insurance.

  4. Comment by jessface777:

    “we lost another one” lol!

  5. Comment by evilthesaurus:

    goddesses made her eyes weird

  6. Comment by stevemallen1:

    I love Portland!

  7. Comment by bigd934:

    ummmmm hopefully someone sees this connection.
    This is a lot like a segment from the comedy sketch little britain. Both shows are hilarious

  8. Comment by garzj019:


  9. Comment by 1mathrulez:

    Who made her eyes weird?
    The godesses

  10. Comment by bigevilcorporation:

    @SporkTsar That’s such an objectifying fact.

  11. Comment by SporkTsar:

    Aubrey Plaza is very attractive

  12. Comment by hcig:

    THANK YOU IFC, putting this on netflix made me so happy, i love this show so much.

  13. Comment by FlyPandaEyo:

    @Gmancrap Your comment looks generic. Like the ones I’ve seen you post on every other Portlandia clip.

  14. Comment by Gmancrap:

    Looks generic. Like Me and You and Everyone We Know meets Flight of the Concords.

  15. Comment by al12941:

    Goddess Trust bumper sticker

  16. Comment by nukenfry:

    Same chick from College Humor.

  17. Comment by nukenfry:

    @zTheBigFishz No, just out-of-wack leftist weirdos. Kind of like making fun of out-of-wack rightest weirdos touting Obama Hitler signs…

  18. Comment by zTheBigFishz:

    IFC making fun of lazy progressive dbags…I LOVE IT.

  19. Comment by boomslangfrostspider:

    What……..in the world?……….

  20. Comment by Margatroid:

    Goddamn Aubrey Plaza is hot.

  21. Comment by HammerOvThor:

    @ithemachine Hahaha

  22. Comment by ithemachine:

    @HammerOvThor smh…whether you’re too smart or too ignorant can’t be told through a text comment, that’s all I’m going to say.

  23. Comment by HammerOvThor:

    @ithemachine Hey, I was just wondering if this was a comedy show.

  24. Comment by smithrs:

    I don’t get the “Different Daughters” joke. Is she implying some sort of parallel history of the DOB that the book totally misses? I want to know these things. There is not enough Women’s Studies humor in this world.

  25. Comment by ithemachine:

    ok idiots, this isn’t fox news! you’re not told to take this video seriously or as a fact. say it with me…this is a comedic sketch show…everything here is exaggerated to make you laugh. if you’re offended by comedy, you’re a fool and a despicable person.

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