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Because knowledge is power!
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25 comments to “friendofdarwin’s Book List”

  1. Comment by aquablue66:

    The Ancestor’s Tale is truly a must read. I am unable to put the book down. Everyone – read it ASAP.

  2. Comment by pacmansays:

    i loooooove you

  3. Comment by luxfero:

    social contract by robert ardrey
    the moral animal why we are the way we are by robert wright
    war against the weak by edwin black
    mein kampf by adolf hitler

    are good books

  4. Comment by myplace2learn:

    Sorry posted in wrong spot. Wonder where I am in Hunter’s Civic Biology? Read that yet? It is social Darwinism that makes the religious fearful of evolutionary theories, as well as the fact it can’t be agreed upon to be tested to ultimately unilaterally bi-partisan conclusion with consistency. P. 450 Mentor Ed. Origin of Species. If you are still open-minded Read: How did we get here? by Evolution or Creation (Ch. 1-15-16 only) get it next time Jehovah’s Witnesses Knock. It was interesting.

  5. Comment by myplace2learn:

    Origin of Species Mentor Edition (1958) p.450
    (Darwin believed intelligent design)Darwin pointed it out there had to be an intelligent designer. I view Theories as hypothesis’s testing out to be true. Things that test out the same over again are factual science- the rest is speculation-not proven fact
    Not all scientists can agree on evolution. Can’t test, so ideas are waiting to be tested to an agreement. I side with Darwin, So I feel both should be taught: Theory Evolution & Theory Creation

  6. Comment by baldur26:

    Any book is a childrens book, if the kid can read.

  7. Comment by fizzybgood:

    I also realized I was an atheist about halfway thru The God Delusion. It was a wonderful moment.

  8. Comment by KainenDarkley:

    U shood tri “Hooked On Phonics” neckst.

  9. Comment by neil1337:

    Tried* Knew* Found* already* I* I* –Yeah I bet you knew it all.

  10. Comment by WhiskeyyWoman:

    Hey, a Lynard Skynard shirt.

  11. Comment by lamnaa:

    I tryed to read the blind watch maker but i fould i alredy new it all.

  12. Comment by lordsovereign:

    …in 1996 Pope John Paul II said, “Today, almost half a century after the publication of the encyclical [pope pius XII "humani generis" 1950], new knowledge has led to the recognition of the theory of evolution as more than a hypothesis… The convergence, neither sought nor fabricated, of the results of work that was conducted independently is in itself a significant argument in favor of this theory.”
    dude, when the head nutter of the fuckin catholics, says evolution is real… game over.

  13. Comment by lordsovereign:

    dmar, at least you don’t subscribe to the new theist marketing approach that science and theism are compatible. you say, “The belief that evolution is a sound theory, and atheism are both still minority viewpoints.” generally that’s only true of illiterate and/or uneducated peolpe in countries with week or nonexistent institutions of democracy. in western democracies [except US, for now] it’s game over. which is why eg…

  14. Comment by dmarinescu1981:

    I think you’re more hopeful and optimistic about the fight between science and religion than is warranted. I would say that the end of the game (game over as you call it) is still a couple centuries away. God is still very much alive in the hearts of people. The belief that evolution is a sound theory, and atheism are both still minority viewpoints.

  15. Comment by lordsovereign:

    dmar, in case you’re not joking, perhaps i should point out that theists have been attacking “darwinians” as satans spawn for 150 years, and for centuries earlier slaughtering atheists and theists of different religions. and now that they know it’s game over, they’re all like, “hey ofcorse evolution is real… why should we fight ? science and god are so compatible”.

  16. Comment by pudifoot:

    any list that doesn’t mention “Hyperion” by Dan Simmons is incomplete.

  17. Comment by thesheep91:

    What about the Hitchhiker series? Doughlas Adams was a genious.

  18. Comment by dmarinescu1981:

    you need to read the BIBLE. you’ll then go from agnostic-atheist to THEIST. GOD LOVES DARWIN!

  19. Comment by drooks1189:

    canadian skynyrd fan, interesting.

  20. Comment by TheTorturer666:

    About to read the God Delusion. Just picked it up. Should be interesting.

  21. Comment by Athrek:

    nice recommendation :) by the way, I read a lot Douglas Addams, it’s fun, it’s crazy, but there’s a cool metaphor behind the stories, about human behaviour and how stupid things are sometimes, heard about it?

  22. Comment by wordstdy:

    I love it! I have subscribed because I am gonna read this stuff, and I am a Baptist Pastor. Notice when he mentioned one of the books he said, “GOD, I love this book!” Wow! Some atheist!

  23. Comment by nw0:

    you dont see many book videos , well you do but it usually involves fire or poop …

  24. Comment by mcWackraps:

    why does every retarded atheist always have to read richard dawkins?

  25. Comment by marlar07:

    i just heard about ‘the god delusion,’ and now i keep hearing about it. i really like your reading style.

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