good books………..?

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Question by : good books………..?
good books for teenagers. something that is really interesting. i like juvinile ficitons like about school and friends (yeah, i know i should expand my horizons but as for now, i like it)
any good sugestions?

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Answer by Shanmin D
Ahhahaha. Then you should read Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging. It’s great.

~A Great and Terrible Beauty. About this girl who gets visions and also includes a mysterious, very hot, Indian guy.

~Faerie Wars: Wonderful. A guy finds a fairy in his backyard. His mother turns out to be a lesbian. He meets a prince’s sister and falls in luuuuurrrve.

Happy reading!!

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10 comments to “good books………..?”

  1. Comment by teacher.joyce:

    I know that my favorite books as a teenager were Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. They involved mysteries, friends, and school. Happy Reading!

  2. Comment by dani:

    The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

  3. Comment by wolfwoods01girl:

    “The Chicken Doesn’t Skate” awesome book.

  4. Comment by gem2477:

    Try Shannon Hale

  5. Comment by Grizzly II:

    ANY of the works of Robert A. Heinlein, the “Dean of Science Fiction” are a Great read, especially his ‘juvenile’ novels from the 50′s. All of his works have a ‘timeless’ quality that make them as great a read as when they were first published.
    He is the author of “Stranger in a Strange Land”(arguably his best), “Puppet Masters” (The ‘based-on’ for the Sci-Fi movie starring Donald Sutherland), and “Starship Troopers” (that the Sci-Fi movie and the T.V. animae are LOOSELY ‘based on’, and I am sure ‘the Master’ is STILL spinning in his grave!))
    He is my all-time, lifetime favorite author, and his works have kept me Sane & Entertained for all 55 years of my life, including the worst of injury and poverty! !

  6. Comment by Bella Swan:

    twilight series,blood and chocolate,the silver kiss,the uglies series

  7. Comment by MizzMargizzle:

    Ughhhh. EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS!!!! Start with “Cirque du Freak” by Darren Shan and read all the books in that series. I believe the second one is called “The Vampire’s Assistant”. I think you’ll enjoy those books if you keep an open mind.

  8. Comment by the office lover:

    anything by meg cabot you should like

    i love the book “how i live now” i dont remember the author but its so good…trust me on that.

    hidden talents is also really good by david lubar, its a lot like holes but good.

  9. Comment by Puff:

    try authors Robin Jones Gunn, Ellen Conford, Gordon Korman, and Beverly Cleary.

  10. Comment by bluesbrother74:

    try anything by Pearl S. Buck…

    kinda nice books, easy read, romance, etc..

    btw, Pearl S. Buck was a phenomenal person…a diplomat, humanist, policy maker… on guitar girl….read on!

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