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Google Books allows you to download and buy books to a variety of devices. Books are stored in the cloud and you can access them from Android, iPhone, iPad, or the web. Since it works in an open format, books purchased can also work on the Sony eReader and Barnes & Noble Nook

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25 comments to “Google Books for Android”

  1. Comment by aqssas:

    very nice

  2. Comment by aqssas:


  3. Comment by 37mts:

    Is there a feature in any these “readers” to make them read to you?

  4. Comment by CedrickMuhta:

    iwifihack . net is the best app for android!!! it hacks wifi passwords

  5. Comment by BeliaAlhad:

    hey i found out how to hack wifi passwords with an android phone! iwifihack (dot) net is a MUST SEE

  6. Comment by 916alberto:

    it sucks theres no free ones! unless you guys like reading so much to spend more than $10 for a book when you can just check it out at a library near you.

  7. Comment by serjkiborg:

    Hey Brandon, Your reviews are nice! but I saw that there is no underline or bookmark option in the browser version of books. Is there an option to underline or add notes or dictionary on the books android version, like the ones on the ipad? Thank you
    keep up the good work.

  8. Comment by elanz117:

    dude stop yapping away, cant see much, screen too far from camera

  9. Comment by simon1993ist:

    Too bad it’s not available in Korea

  10. Comment by MTanvir1994:

    awesome* lol ;)

  11. Comment by MTanvir1994:

    n i also love the fact that pocketnow videos display pick is the htc desire i gt that phone n its aweso3

  12. Comment by MTanvir1994:

    i jst love watchin ur reviews:..

  13. Comment by Moutassim:

    Not available in Oman, including Google Earth.

  14. Comment by joanalminhana:

    Not available in Brazil.

  15. Comment by katzenwurscht:

    Laputa is the best reader for android!

  16. Comment by TheKampfkugel:

    i’m from germany sorry!

  17. Comment by bscassian:

    Not yet available in Australia :(

  18. Comment by xoltrix2005:

    Galaxy Tab > All

  19. Comment by robnaj:

    Everything works on the Nook coller because it is an Android Table 

  20. Comment by doitdeviant:

    Kindle is the most efficient eBook reader. Read it on any device once purchased (Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc).

  21. Comment by armandornd:

    It would be best if you learn how to use correct grammar right before you put up a comment.

  22. Comment by nextelracer48:

    too bad this isnt on the market for htc or at least canada??

  23. Comment by Realdude2011:

    Decision Points… I see you’re a republican. Lol

  24. Comment by MyNameIsColeB:

    AH that home screen is driving my OCD crazy

  25. Comment by jianson870621:

    Is it only through Google Checkout? does that mean it won’t be available outside the US?

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