high price of textbooks

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high price of textbooks
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  1. Comment by Dreambro1:

    I never even touched most of my textbooks during a semester. out of 10 classes, you may be told to read a chaptor TWiCE! My books are still in mint unused conditon, yet even though I paid 130.00 for one, the book store offered me 20.00 to buy it back!

  2. Comment by Kingsmile11:


  3. Comment by textbookprices:

    Compare millions of textbooks on  textbooksprices . com

  4. Comment by tmpanime:

    I go to fullerton college and recently started using kleverz.com to list my books. There weren’t many listings on the site yet so I’m guessing they are new but the site looks really awesome.

  5. Comment by kumquatsta:

    don’t buy a required textbook again until you’ve researched whether it was even used in your course, talk to previous students, or check to see if there have been contextual textbook reviews written by other students on your campus in flustard.com’s bookbase

  6. Comment by amarmirza08:

    If only we had some institution of the people for the people which could regulate business from exploiting people like this. Maybe we could have an election once every four years or so to determine who would lead this institution, and maybe there could be a branch of this institution which represented the people of each state… nah that’s crazy.

  7. Comment by LLNWonderland:

    @JagerMikesterX Uh, duh. There’s nothing wrong with businesses and universities making revenue. But they have gotten out of control with their prices and their habit of releasing new editions every year, for every subject. There is no reason a paperback textbook for a Lifetime Fitness course (a prerequisite for most degrees) should cost $110. They are simply taking advantage of broke college students because they know they can. And when students need more money for school expenditures, there i

  8. Comment by TheAccount146:

    Download textbooks FREE at LibraryPirate.me

  9. Comment by canadasaves:

    Students in Canada can check out bookmob.ca for the country’s largest selection of cheap, used textbooks. Rentals too!

  10. Comment by reedwf:

    Book Snatcher (booksnatcher[dot]com) has great options from their Course Search, which tells students which books are assigned for each course and displays the Bookstore, Amazon, and Chegg prices, and their Marketplace, which lets students buy, sell and trade their used textbooks with students across the United States and Canada.

  11. Comment by QuinRaegan:

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  12. Comment by Satanthejew:

    Hopmarks.com is a great place to get the books for cheaper than any university bookstore out there.

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  15. Comment by Usedtextbookprices:

    UsedTextbookPrices . com is the best place to compare textbook prices before buying, renting or selling.

  16. Comment by JagerMikesterX:

    It’s a capitalist society, people. Most of our businesses exist for the explicit purpose of continuing to make revenue.

  17. Comment by Usedtextbookprices:

    I believe that is best to compare prices with UsedTextbookPrices
    before buying or renting books. I trully agree with the video

  18. Comment by VictoriaPINK119:

    Rent your books at chegg.com free shippin to you & back
    use my offer code CC118223 if you want xtra 11% off
    forget the damn bookstores @ the college ugh

  19. Comment by CheapTextbooksTV:

    Force lower prices, only buy from the cheapest source by using tools like campusbooks . com or cheap-textbooks . com

  20. Comment by paxout:

    The library has a BOOK sale once per year. I was able to get a calculus text book for only three dollars and it was almost new. They have everything – chemistry, geology, and science.

  21. Comment by greentextbooks:

    Great info I would suggest using GreenTextbooks . org
    Save Money, Save The Planet

    GreenTextbooks . org specializes in the recycling of textbooks, DVDs, CDs. Buying used textbooks not only saves you money, but cuts down on greenhouse gases caused by the manufacturing of new textbooks.
    With GreenTextbooks . org you’re not only saving trees, you are saving some green. GreenTextbooks . org

  22. Comment by DroopyD69:

    i always use eCampus you can buy used or new, you can sell, and you can even rent from em now. if you use the promo code GOLDFISH youll get 5% off your order.

  23. Comment by SYLBM:

    the real problem are the teachers who force the students to get it instead of using an older edition of the book. or maybe the teachers are getting pressure from higher up…but yeah, buying online is better.

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