How do people get those cool borders and photo effects when they post iPhone photos to twitter?

by on June 26, 2012

Question by ChristianWoman: How do people get those cool borders and photo effects when they post iPhone photos to twitter?
How do people get those cool borders and photo effects when they post iPhone photos to twitter?
I’ve noticed a lot of cool pictures with cool borders posted from iPhone to twitter and was wondering how people get those borders….. Is there a really good app or something?! Please help!!!! I’ve been looking everywhere!

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Answer by Alex
iPhones, as well as other smart phones, are small computers. As such, there is software available to do just about everything with them, including photo editing. Simply edit the photo before you post it. The first application in the following list is probably what you are looking for. I’ve also included a small list of some very nice free photo editing software just in case.
* Search for the software in itunes

Photo Card Studio ($ 1.99): Make the most of your photo library! Combine multiple photos, text and maps into professional and original photo cards. Create invitations, photo collages, e-cards, holiday cards, christmas cards, website graphics and newsletter pictures. Use them offline or send them right away to your friends and family. You can now even send them to your printer directly with Air Print or share them with one click to facebook, twitter or tumblr. Endless creative combinations possible: more than 25 different frames with up to 9 photos in one card combined with several different high resolution borders and the photo’s you took yourself.

Crop for Free: Crop for Free does exactly what the title implies. It crops photos. For free. While there are a few apps in this list that will crop your shots as well, none are as quick and easy as Crop for Free when all you need is a quick crop.

Pixel Perfect: Free for a limited time or be bound by the constraints of the Lite version. It allows you to apply a variety off effects to your pics including sepia, brightness, saturation and hue, and adjust the intensity of relevant effects.

PhotoBox: This app is easy to use and it features 13 awesome filters that result in some terrific photo effects, again with zero effort on your part.

PanoLab: PanoLab Pro allows you to stitch together multiple photos to create a single panoramic image. This version has several limitations and its UI isn’t as intuitive as other options, but for the occasional quick panorama it’s a perfectly usable app.

Polarize: This app allows you to take a new photo or import an existing image, frame it in a Polaroid-like white border and apply a polarizing effect that results in a cool retro look. You can also write a title across the bottom of the frame as your parents used to do with physical Polaroids.

Hope it helps.

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Ivan June 26, 2012 at 1:33 am

Get a Photo Editing App from the App Store.


Jami June 26, 2012 at 1:34 am

there are lot of photo editing software and I have noted many iphone apps support these kind of creative work. just search on google


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