How do you make website borders show on Firefox?

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Question by chachafance: How do you make website borders show on Firefox?
I make Myspace layouts (html/css) and the borders show fine in IE but I just started to use Firefox and the borders won’t show up at all in Firefox! Why is this?

Is there a certain way borders should be coded in Firefox?

For example, here’s what I used for 2 borders in my css:

BORDER-RIGHT:cc0099 10px solid;
BORDER-TOP:cc0099 10px solid;

But when the page is opened with Firefox, the borders don’t show up at all!
I don’t have the # in front of the color because with MYSPACE it won’t show up, and it shows is as an error. With MYSPACE you have to put the color without the #.

So no, I DONT mean #cc0099!

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Answer by BillH
Don’t you mean:

border-right: #cc0099 10px solid;
border-top: #cc0099 10px solid;

Don’t forget the “#”. IE lets you get away with sloppy definitions. Firefox won’t. On the other hand, Firefox is much more standards compliant than IE. Things happen the way you expect them to in Firefox.

When I’m web designing, I always make it look right in Firefox and then see what happens in IE (it’s usually a mess that I need to put a number of CSS and HTML hacks in place to look right).

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One comment to “How do you make website borders show on Firefox?”

  1. Comment by dave:

    Yes, technically, you do need the # sign, but since Myspace replaces it with its HTML entity, you must find a way to input the color without using the # sign.

    Try this:
    border: 10px rgb(204,0,153) solid;

    We use rgb() instead of the hex value to avoid using the # character.

    Here is a hex to RGB converter

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