Lost In A Good Book – Homage to Michael Seidman

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Lost In A Good Book – Homage to Michael Seidman
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Image by an untrained eye
March 29th, 2008 – London, England

I’ll be honest up front and say I’m not generally a huge fan of photoshop manipulation, or at least not of the kind that is excessively noticeable. But there are one or two people out there on Flickr who knock me out time and time again and make me wonder whether my prejudice is ever so slightly misplaced. One of them is Michael Seidman, one of a handful of Flickrites whose stream I actively sought out when I returned after my two year absence, so much had it impressed me during my first stay here. His work is always interesting, and some of the pieces on his stream are, to my mind, masterpieces (his New York Sketchbook sets are a great place to start).

As soon as I saw this picture of a girl in pastel pink, lost in a similarly pink-covered romantic novel, I felt it had something of the Seidman feel to it, and though I have none of his mastery or his subtlety (nor, I now know, the patience to work at a manipulation for very long), this is my humble homage to him.

For the full painting-like effect, try on black.

To my great pleasure, this image was featured over on the Londonist website on March 3rd, 2009.

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18 comments to “Lost In A Good Book – Homage to Michael Seidman”

  1. Comment by markantonyphotos:

    on black it is indeed a painting, serene, oblivious moment. love this treatment. it does enhance.

  2. Comment by Levan Kakabadze (tabu):

    awseome moment! color contrast is amazing

  3. Comment by neraidoni:

    love it Tom!

  4. Comment by Mary Jane 2040:

    I like this, and I like having to play "Where was Tom?" in your stream. I’d guessed this one was London.

  5. Comment by j image:

    I love seeing people reading in the most obscure locations. When you get into a good book, it seems nothing can make you put it down. I love that about this photo, Tom.

  6. Comment by Rookuzz (away):

    Indeed very much a painting! I like ita lot.
    By the way, looking at your pictures of the dancing people, you mentioned in your description that , with often poor lighting conditions, it was tough to get your picture of the dancers right.
    As you seem to be some sort of a purist on sharpness ( sorry when I misunderstood) one remark: don’ t you think that just by setting a longish shutter speed, by getting the blur of motion, with maybe some exalted face coming sharp out of the movement, you could be even better of than with everything in focus?

  7. Comment by mseidman:

    Thank you…not only for this wonderful gift that greeted me on my return from some time spent writing, but for your comments…you are one of few who spends the time seeing and reacting to what is seen and what might be seen. It’s appreciated.

  8. Comment by SkyShaper:

    and a wonderful homage
    to a beautiful artist

  9. Comment by *Roshie Is Alive & Well*:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called *ROSHIE FOREVER YOURS* (formerly RoshieBoop Type Images), and we’d love to have this added to the group!

    mseidman is one of my fave flickrites also and you did a wonderful job with your photoshop debut!!

    Your GREAT Image Was Seen And Admired in:

  10. Comment by artcphoto:

    very painterly!
    great color !
    very good PP!

  11. Comment by St_Tr_Verkhovensky:

    Fantastic photo and colors

  12. Comment by Revisions:

    she is the only stationary thing in the image. all of the vibrant colors around her, and her calm face focued on the book

  13. Comment by Merodema:

    thanks for sharing in the people reading group

  14. Comment by an untrained eye:

    Thanks Mark, Levan and neraidoni.

    Rachel, congratulations on guessing where I was. I’m currently in the middle of a sequence of five consecutive weekends in different cities, so you should have plenty of opportunities to play again !!

    Jim, I know what you mean, though most of my reading these days seems to be done on planes !

    Rob, I’m glad you like it. And thanks for the advice – do I really come across as being such a clarity freak ??!! You’re doubtless right, but I must confess I have an absolutely rudimentary of how camera technology works and rely 99.9% of the time on automatic settings (hence my excitement on successfully taking a long exposure night shot recently). I guess over time I’ll start to pick things up simply by trial and error, but I’m grateful for any tips I can get !!

    Michael, I’m glad you like it. It’s very simple compared with most of your wonderful work, but in my own way this is imitation as flattery.

    SS, thank you. We both agree, I think, that he deserves it.

    Roshie, thanks for the invitation – I’ve taken you up on it.

    Art, Yannis, you’re very kind.

    David, you’ve nailed exactly what struck me about her as soon as I saw her.

    Roel, it’s a pleasure – love the pool !

  15. Comment by Anc@:

    nice photo, melancholy in pink :)

  16. Comment by mikekingphoto:

    Nice frame, can’t agree more though. Ton’s of p’shop then loads of self congratulating emails to each other. They wouldn’t make a penny in the real world. Delusionists.

  17. Comment by jpalmerhoffman:

    We used this over at Londonist today: londonist.com/2009/03/the_book_grocer_61.php. Many thanks for a lovely pic!

  18. Comment by an untrained eye:

    Thanks Julie – I’m always thrilled when my pictures get used elsewhere. Thank you for crediting me and letting me know.

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