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Question by kracker3977: Old books.?
I have a bunch of old books. Is there a site out there that could tell me if they’re worth anything or not?

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Answer by Persiphone_Hellecat
Bauman Rare Books. Pax -C.

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  1. Comment by Terry W:


  2. Comment by ghost:

    you might try abebooks.com, they are a web site for used and hard to find books ( like ones that are now out of print) they may have a section that can help you value them. or they might be able to direct you to a site that can help if they can’t

  3. Comment by writer:

    just give them all to me…i would like to read them…
    or else u may sell them to bookshop

  4. Comment by jacobsroom:

    You might also try Alibris.com. No matter what site you use, you’ll need to compare what you have with the bookseller’s holdings very carefully. For instance, if you own a copy of the 1896 edition of Tess of the D’Urbervilles that was published by Osgood, McIlvaine, you’ll need to find a bookstore selling the exact same edition, the exact same printing, the exact same publisher, the exact same condition, etc. to get any meaningful sense of what your book might be worth. It may be easier for you to take your collection to an antiquarian bookseller to be valued.

    In general, unless an old book has considerable cultural, historical, or literary significance (a first edition, a copy autographed by the author, an unusual binding, etc.), it probably doesn’t have a lot of value. But you never know when you may come across a valuable gem!

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