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Question by kitty: Romance books?
I love reading and I love to read mostly romance, what are the names of great books , and who writes them, and what is the book about. Thanks.

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Answer by reader
I like to read Linda Howard, my favorite book is Mr. Perfect. Also, I am reading the Bodyguard series by Cindy Gerard, they are very good. Hope this helps you.

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  1. Comment by H. girl:

    well a really cute love story is called “Twilight” its about a girl that moves with her father and falls in love with a guy ,but the twist is that he is a vampire. it is really really good. i couldn’t put it down!

  2. Comment by daljack:

    Nora Roberts
    J.D. Robb (same person)
    Sandra Brown
    Linda Lael Miller
    Karen Robards
    Linda Howard
    Lori Foster
    Janet Evanovich

    All are romance writers….some with mystery

  3. Comment by EverClear ROCKS!!!!:

    Anything, by Jude Deveraux, she has modern romances and like old timey romances, like in medeival times, so she is a really good author of romances!

  4. Comment by Donna J:

    OMG, there are so many!
    Catherine Anderson’s “Annie’s Song” about a town’s outcast because of her undiagnosed disability and the man that grows to love her. And all of CA’s other books.
    Nora Roberts’ “Seaswept Series” Four books about the Quinn family~all are very good. And she has many others also.
    Leigh Greenwood’s Seven Brides or Cowboys series which are loosely based on the old movies of the same title.
    Lisa Jackson’s Morning After~romantic thriller.
    Gayle Wilson’s Bogeyman~romantic thriller
    Carla Neggers, Diana Palmer, Connie Mason, Debbie Macomber, Lisa Kleypas, Joan Johnston and the list goes on & on. But I hope this helps.

  5. Comment by sunflowerdaisy94:

    Faithful Traitor by Lena Nelson Dooley
    I normally don’t like romance, but that book was one of my favorites.
    My sister, mom, and I also love Victoria Holt. We have all her books and they are amazing!!!

  6. Comment by RedPower Woman:

    Author Piers Anthony.

    I was never into romance until I read one of his books at someone’s request. I couldn’t put it down. Same with most of his books. They are great! Two of his books were made into movies (as the saying goes the books were much better than the movies). The movies were Message in A Bottle and The Notebook.

    I just read two of his that were good:
    - Nights in Rodanthe
    - The Rescue

  7. Comment by lotuseater:

    I am an avid romance reader.So I’ve got lots of recommendations for you.Mail me if you want more recommendations.

    Texas Chase-Sandra Brown
    Chase Tyler is completely out of his mind after the death of his beautiful pregnant wife. He pretty much loses it and goes back into bull riding and drinking way too much. That’s when Marcie finds him. Marcie just happens to be the one who was driving the car that his wife died in and has been in love with chase herself since grade school. Marcie manages to clean him up and to save his family business, marry him. The tension between them was hard to read at times because you knew they really wanted each other and just wouldn’t admit it.

    Lord of the storm -Justine Davis

    The story takes place in a futuristic world in which an intergalactic Coalition rules with an iron fist over all of the planets and inhabitants. Shaylah Graymist is a fighter pilot for the Coalition, albeit a slightly reluctant one, who loves to fly but disapproves of the Coalition’s brutal tactics for subduing unwilling populations. As a reward for her heroism, she is given a slave named Wolf, who wears a gold collar, indicating that he can be programmed by a controller to perform sexually for his master. In this society, Shaylah is considered a prude because she believes in the “old fashioned idea of bonding, or mating for life, and decries the sexual slave practices of her friends. She refuses to use the controller to force Wolf to make love to her. Instead, she and Wolf develop a strange friendship and she discovers that he is one of the last survivors of a paradise named Trios. While Wolf is drawn to Shaylah, he can never forget that he is a slave and that his world and family have been destroyed by the forces that she allies herself with.

    The sky pirate-Justine Davis
    The Skypirate is the sequel to Lord of the Storm. Like the original, it takes place in a futuristic world where the evil Coalition rules over all of the planets and enslaves many of the conquered populations. Califa Claxton is the former friend of Shaylah Graymist. Califa had given Shaylah a beautiful slave named Wolf as a “gift”, and was subsquently forced to sell him when he became uncontrollable.s The Skypirate opens, we meet a much different Califa. She has been thrown in prison and branded with a gold slave collar for letting Wolf escape and refusing to betray Shaylah. When Dax Silverbrake, a notorious skypirate from the conquered planet Trios, rescues her cell-mate, Califa demands to be taken along as well. At first Dax does not know that Califa is a former Coalition officer. He has his own demons – his family was killed along with most of Trios’ population, and he lives life on the edge in an unconscious wish to join them in death. When he and his crew discover the shocking truth about Califa’s past, she must convince them that she is an entirely changed woman.

    The De-burgh bride
    An edict from King Edward demands that one of the de Burgh brothers wed Elene Fitzhugh and Geoffrey de Burgh has drawn the short straw. The Fitzhugh’s reputation for being a shrew is legendary; she killed her last husband in cold blood on their wedding night. So it’s with no little trepidation that Geoffrey, the patient scholar of the family, travels to Fitzhugh Manor to wed his unwanted bride-to-be and take control of her land.
    It’s not exactly love at first sight. A wild mane of ginger hair covers Elene Fitzhugh’s face and many of her expressions, but her foulmouthed curses and her ever present dagger leave Geoffrey with little doubt that his marriage will be a constant battle.

    The Temporary Wife by Mary Balogh
    The Marquess of Staunton cold-bloodedly advertises for a governess for his non-existent children, chooses the plainest and dullest applicant, and offers her marriage. His only motive is to anger his estranged father, who has chosen a different bride for him. After he has presented her to his family, he plans to establish her somewhere with a great deal of money and never see her again. Charity Duncan agrees to the strange bargain because she is desperate for money to help support her brothers and sisters. But when she meets his family and recognizes the pain behind the estrangement, her warm heart cannot remain aloof. And when Staunton realizes that his temporary wife is in fact neither plain nor dull, his cold heart stirs to new life.

    Duncan’s Bride-Linda Howard
    Reese Duncan lost half his ranch and all his dreams to his ex-wife, so when it came time for a family he did the logical thing: he advertised for a bride. She had to be willing to work, to bear his children and to settle for lovemaking in place of love. It sounded perfect – until Madelyn Patterson arrived.
    One look and he had to have her. Never mind that she was New York and nightlife to his own plain-spoken Montana ways. She was willing to herd cattle, wax floors and bake biscuits by the dozen. She was even willing to bear his children – but at a price he couldn’t pay. Madelyn wanted love – and he was a man who had no love to give.

    A good series is the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.The books provide an alternate take on vampires.People who are unjustly murdered call upon Artemis(Greek goddess) and she grants them a day to avenge themselves.After that they are recruited to her army to fight against evil.These are romance novels.Best of the series are ‘Dance with the devil’ and ‘Seize the night’.

    Dance with the devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon.The following review is taken from Amazon.Zarek was mad, bad and more than a little insane, and now everyone wants him dead. But hey, that was nothing new to this loner. Born the bastard son of a Roman nobleman and a Greek slave, Zarek had known a lifetime of abuse, torture and humiliation.

    It takes a very special woman to see past that hostility and find the lost, unloved boy inside. Happily, Astrid is such a woman (or demigoddess, actually). Her empathy, patience and unconditional love make the perfect foil for Zarek’s personal demons. They truly are a match made in heaven — or should I say Mt. Olympus?

    Bliss-Lynsay SandsIn 1173 England, King Henry would prefer warring with the French rather than deal with another protest from either Lady Tiernay or Lord Holden. The two neighbors are always squabbling even if the latter has been fighting on the continent. However, the clever King decides the easiest way to end this neighborly dispute is to order the two combatants to marry one another. Lady Tiernay rejects her monarch’s plan. She uses a variety of ruses to force Holden to plead with King Henry to stop their marriage. Lord Holden quickly comprehends the trickery of his betrothed and tries to trump her so that she begs off with His Highness. Love blossoms so that neither one wants to entreat King Henry with repealing his edict.

    Husband trap-Tracy Anne Warren
    It should be the happiest day of her life when Janette Violet Brantford marries the man she loves, Adrian Fitzhugh, the Duke of Raeburn. The problem is he thinks he is marrying her identical twin sister Jeanette Rose Brantford who was going to jilt him two hours before the wedding. They settle into married life and Adrian falls in love with the woman he married which gladdens Violet who has to work at being flighty flirty. She also has to hide from him that she hates crowds, loves learning and wears glasses. She lives in fear that he will find out about her deception because she doesn’t know what his reaction will be once he gets over the initial shock.

    Wife Trap
    After orchestrating a scandalous high-society ruse, Lady Jeannette Brantford is banished from her family’s estate in England and sent to live with boring elderly cousins in the Irish countryside. But Jeannette’s exile is surprisingly eventful. En route to her dreaded destination, she encounters Darragh O’Brien, a devilishly handsome architect who transforms Jeannette’s punishment into a delicious whirlwind of wits, words, and undeniable passion.The two are forced to marry and take delight in outsmarting each other.

  8. Comment by PJPeach:

    Haven’t read these for a long time, but you might want to try “Ashes in the Wind” and some of the others by Kathleen Woodewisse (I’m afraid that I’m not even remembering her name entirely correctly, but it’s close, and the name of the book is right.)
    This particular one takes place in the Civil War era and was really good. She has several others that are also good.

  9. Comment by klb_72:

    The most beautiful love story I have ever read is called “The Republic of Love” by Carol Shields. I had sections of it read at my wedding. Honestly, it is so touching, beautiful and sweet. It made me believe that love at first sight was possible.

    I cannot recommend this book enough.

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