Stocking e-books a hurdle for BC libraries

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Stocking e-books a hurdle for BC libraries
She says publishers are worried people won't buy e-books because downloading from the library is as easy as downloading from a bookstore website. "E-books, in a sense, take away some of the barriers to people who are borrowing books from libraries,

Apple vs. the textbook: Can education go paperless?
To ask me to buy a $ 500 iPad so I can then purchase a $ 15 dollar textbook (Apple's announced price) is not economically feasible nor advantageous. I would much rather have a pdf version of the book. Having fancy graphs or pictures of cells (as Apple

Doubling the Numbers
“Once you're inside Amazon's ecosystem, there are a whole bunch of ways they can make money off you. You buy Amazon's books, movies, and music. You buy Amazon's apps. You see Amazon's ads. There's no Apple store on an Amazon device. You're locked in.
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