Strand Book Store – New York

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This is one of the oldest family-run bookstores in New York. Fred Bass takes us round the vast and marvellous collection of new and rare books that was started by his father in the 1920′s.
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7 comments to “Strand Book Store – New York”

  1. Comment by countdouchebag1:

    if you are a comic book fan and you live in ny go go go to strand! i live in queens so it takes some time to get to union square but its totally worth it.

  2. Comment by J5MARLON:

    For those living in the south its Chamblin Bookmine, Jacksonville, FL.

  3. Comment by Act2Books:

    I’ve owned my bookstore for 10 years now.. but when I close my eyes at night and dream.. it is of the Strand!

  4. Comment by zuke7000:

    wow. I would love to go to that bookstore. with all these gadgets and technology im afraid books will be limited. ill make sure to check this out when i visit NY. TREEKILLERBOOKSTORE is also a good site for cheap books.

  5. Comment by fuzluv95:

    I wanna go to New York now… Maybe I should start saving up for like the next ten years so I can spend like crazy when I finally do go! :)

  6. Comment by SCNOUVICEWALZAS:

    @TheUniverse3000 A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that American people are still thinking

  7. Comment by Burgvati:

    One of my favorite bookstores in NY!!! Love it!!

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