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Amazon.com: Is Internet giant sleeping in Seattle?

Amazon.com: Is Internet giant sleeping in Seattle?
The newspaper's four-part series documents Amazon's poor record on local philanthropy, its take-no-prisoners pricing war with book publishers, its showdown with states over sales tax collections and working conditions in its warehouses.
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Fiction and fact in the great book debate
Not really wishing to defend Amazon, I have to confess that, because I live in the country, my reading habits have been transformed by the online store (Letters, 9 April). Up until a few years ago, if I wanted to buy a book, I had to make a 20-mile
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Is Amazon killing the book industry?
Poppycock, says Forbes, where one blogger opines that new authors don't need bookstores and Amazon isn't killing the book industry because the number of books being sold is growing. Forbes' Tim Worstall says Waterstone misses the point, especially when
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how can I find out which books are the most cited by other books on Amazon.com?

Question by joseph z: how can I find out which books are the most cited by other books on Amazon.com?
for example I have found that about 8000 books cite ‘The origin of species’ by Charles Darwin according to Amazon, and I am interested to know if any books on Amazon are cited by more than that and which books have nearest etc, basically I want to order the books on Amazon by the number of other books on Amazon that cite those books to find which books have been the most ‘influential’ in recent history.

The citations section is usually just below the ‘Inside This Book’ section of any Amazon book page, it is usually uniform in its layout etc, so perhaps I can interrogate it with a special query in the search? or would I have to use some kind of Web API like AWS?

any info or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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Answer by Poonam
im sure there is a rating system on there.

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