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AutoCAD Classic

AutoCAD Classic
classic books

Image by born1945
This book is 22 years old. Imagine how far the program has come from the first issue around this time.

classic books????????????

Question by get back in it: classic books????????????
what are some classic must-read books? i wanna touch up on the books that have influnenced people and become classics

Best answer:

Answer by fancypants010
For sure everything Jane Austen. My favorite is Pride& Prejudice. Then Mark Twain. A tale of two cities. Charles Dickens.

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Classic Books??

Question by Elaina: Classic Books??
i have to do a book report. problem is i don’t know what classic book to chose. Any suggestions? of classic books i should read?


Best answer:

Answer by Twilight Lover # 1
gone with the wind
the phantom of the opera
anne of green gables

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Classic books?

Question by lovelovelovelovelo: Classic books?
I have to pick a classic book to read, and don’t know whether to pick The Bell Jar or The Catcher and the Rye. I’ve already ready The Catcher and the Rye before, and liked it, but I might want to try something new. Let me know what you thought of the books and help me decide. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by TheVet
You could go with Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. It’s good. Could definately pass that off as a “classic”.

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Classic Game Room HD – 100 CLASSIC BOOKS for Nintendo DS review

Classic Game Room HD reviews 100 CLASSIC BOOKS for Nintendo DS from Nintendo and Harper Collins. The portable bookshelf for your Nintendo DS filled with 100 classic novels like Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Jungle Book, Wuthering Heights (in semaphore?), A Tale of Two Cities, Frankenstein, The Time Machine, Black Beauty, Phantom of the Opera, 20000 Leauges Under the Sea, Heart of Darkness, War and Peace and more! Books from writers such as Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Jules Verne and HG Wells are included in this collection as well as some biographical information. This is an ideal travel companion for those who want to bring 100 classics books along on vacation and also play Mario Kart DS. Scrap the laptop and iPad, they can’t play GTA Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS. After moving down gang members with an Uzi, you can relax and end your day by reading Emma from Jane Austen. This CGR review of Nintendo’s 100 Classic Books has gameplay (sort of) from 100 Classic Books on Nintendo DS.

Barney Classic Books

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