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good books………..?

Question by : good books………..?
good books for teenagers. something that is really interesting. i like juvinile ficitons like about school and friends (yeah, i know i should expand my horizons but as for now, i like it)
any good sugestions?

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Answer by Shanmin D
Ahhahaha. Then you should read Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging. It’s great.

~A Great and Terrible Beauty. About this girl who gets visions and also includes a mysterious, very hot, Indian guy.

~Faerie Wars: Wonderful. A guy finds a fairy in his backyard. His mother turns out to be a lesbian. He meets a prince’s sister and falls in luuuuurrrve.

Happy reading!!

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Reviewing Amazon Books. Is it a good idea to put real name?

Question by : Reviewing Amazon Books. Is it a good idea to put real name?
I was thinking of reviewing a few books on Amazon, I was just wondering, if I put up my real name, is there any problem? Beside the benefit of being more google-able.

Best answer:

Answer by Daryl S
+Why not just use your first name and last initial?

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Good books for the gardeners on your holiday gift list

Good books for the gardeners on your holiday gift list
A good book helps us plan our way. These are among our recent favorites: Those of us of a certain vintage may remember Sunday afternoon drives in the family car, trips that strengthened our ties with our surroundings. Nancy Ross Hugo makes an earnest
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Get Ready For Next Year's Garden With A Few Good Books
New books have probably emerged recently on most specialty plant topics, from clematis and roses to bonsai and orchids. If you're choosing, go for depth of information with good pictures but avoid the coffee-table offerings (pretty but shallow).
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Need to get away? A good book will take you there
It sounds a lot like this: He/she: "I need a good book to read." (Funny … nobody ever wants a bad book to read.) Me: "What kind of books do you like to read? Do you have a favorite author? What is a book you really enjoyed?" And so on .
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Shayne Franzman – Good Books – Original **Lyrics in Description

This is an original song of mine. If you would like to know more or like what you see subscribe to me here or you can check out my facebook @ www.facebook.com/acousticshayne and you can follow me on twitter @ www.twitter.com/acousticshayne. She’s into cowboys well that’s the complete opposite of How I would liken myself She likes her westerns guess the horses and the shootouts put together Can lighten up her eyes And even though I’m not exactly what she sees in her fantasy I believe I have a fighting chance to get into her Good books come on every time she looks at me I’m So shook I’m gone she is so much more than just her Good looks and charm she is undeniable And even though I’m not exactly John Wayne or a rodeo athlete I believe I have a fighting chance to start up a romance She loves her country both Canada and the music she’s Hungry to constantly improve Will somebody please tell me how to introduce myself to her Without an elf costume Cuz even though I’m not exactly what she sees in her fantasy I believe I have a fighting chance That`s right cuz even though I`m still just learnin’ how to be more like Keith Urban I deserve another fighting chance to get into her Chorus Well save a couple extra pieces of paper I promise I’ll make more to write about later But I just wanna spend this time right now To make you wish that you were mine somehow And to get into your Good books come on what did you expect me to say right there? You’re wrong I am not the kind of guy to Get
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Leni (Good Books) Crystal Castles remix

A home video from the Leni’s remix made by crystal castles talacha-musical.blogspot.com http
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Lost In A Good Book – Homage to Michael Seidman

Lost In A Good Book – Homage to Michael Seidman
good books

Image by an untrained eye
March 29th, 2008 – London, England

I’ll be honest up front and say I’m not generally a huge fan of photoshop manipulation, or at least not of the kind that is excessively noticeable. But there are one or two people out there on Flickr who knock me out time and time again and make me wonder whether my prejudice is ever so slightly misplaced. One of them is Michael Seidman, one of a handful of Flickrites whose stream I actively sought out when I returned after my two year absence, so much had it impressed me during my first stay here. His work is always interesting, and some of the pieces on his stream are, to my mind, masterpieces (his New York Sketchbook sets are a great place to start).

As soon as I saw this picture of a girl in pastel pink, lost in a similarly pink-covered romantic novel, I felt it had something of the Seidman feel to it, and though I have none of his mastery or his subtlety (nor, I now know, the patience to work at a manipulation for very long), this is my humble homage to him.

For the full painting-like effect, try on black.

To my great pleasure, this image was featured over on the Londonist website on March 3rd, 2009.