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Does Google Books work without an internet connection?

Question by : Does Google Books work without an internet connection?
Okay, I wanted to know if Google books works if there is no internet connection, for example if you are going on a long car ride and you leave google books popped up already to your book of choice, will the pages still flip, without the internet?

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Answer by Colin Garrard
I would imagine they would.

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Amazon.com: Is Internet giant sleeping in Seattle?

Amazon.com: Is Internet giant sleeping in Seattle?
The newspaper's four-part series documents Amazon's poor record on local philanthropy, its take-no-prisoners pricing war with book publishers, its showdown with states over sales tax collections and working conditions in its warehouses.
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Fiction and fact in the great book debate
Not really wishing to defend Amazon, I have to confess that, because I live in the country, my reading habits have been transformed by the online store (Letters, 9 April). Up until a few years ago, if I wanted to buy a book, I had to make a 20-mile
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Is Amazon killing the book industry?
Poppycock, says Forbes, where one blogger opines that new authors don't need bookstores and Amazon isn't killing the book industry because the number of books being sold is growing. Forbes' Tim Worstall says Waterstone misses the point, especially when
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Make a secure deal to buy used books on the internet

It is a well accepted fact that most of the online book sellers are always concerned about their image and reputation. This is why they prefer selling the best and reliable stuff. It is still a major issue for a buyer to or simply books from a seller whom they have never met in their entire life. Few things are there that if kept in mind can save a buyer from repenting. These are as given below-

If one always prefers the cheapest price to then the simple conclusion is that one is going to get disappointed later on. Do remember that there is always some reason if book is priced at a very low rate. In very rare cases the seller can also price it at a low rate for clearing this old stock and therefore selling it in bulk. Worst is the case when the book is not in good condition. Sellers providing cheap price would be doing late shipment of the book.

Always read out the description of the book. If it is listed that books are water stained, pretty good as per the age or even have smell of the old book, then these are some negatives features. Always look for long descriptions. Do not get turned off by some flaws as they would be in some better state as compared to those termed as in general condition or having no details.

Ask for any confusion to ; whether the book is the first edition as promised by the seller or not. Ask how they have identified this book as first edition and check out if they are able to give answer to the question with ease and detail or not. Ask for anything that is not understood. The key point is to ask before finalizing the deal.

Most of the sellers use some business terms just to attract the customers and for which they do not even care whether the buyer understands them or not. Do not buy if they do not show courtesy or have time for the queries.

Make certain to look at the photos of the books to . During the auctions one should never make any bid on the books that are without photographs. It gets much important if the book is further more expensive. The buyer can ask for the scanned copy of the books.

Check out the contact information. Verify they have telephone number or email address and it is right.

Go through the terms of sale of the sellers. It will tell what mode of payment would be accepted, return policy and mode of delivery. Prefer making payments through credit card which is a completely safe option. Do report problems always.

Thus these are some clues that will be helpful to at the best price, in good condition and hence good value of money.

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Internet archivist seeks 1 of every book written

Internet archivist seeks 1 of every book written
He currently leads an initiative called Open Library, which has scanned an estimated 3 million books now available for free on the Web. Many of these books for scanning were borrowed from libraries. But Kahle said he began noticing that when the books
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Borders to Books-A-Million deal falls through
A Books-A-Million deal to buy 30 Borders' stores – perhaps saving nearly 1000 jobs – has stalled. Although Books-A-Million will not be buying the 30 Borders stores it was considering, it may still buy a handful of leases at auction.
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Books-A-Million deal to buy Borders falls through
Books-A-Million had sought to buy inventory, equipment, fixtures and take over leasehold interests at 30 Borders locations, including one in Atlantic County on Wrangleboro Road. Books-A-Million, which has 231 stores across the country, said the parties
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