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What are some popular books that were banned/disliked by conservative christian groups?

Question by : What are some popular books that were banned/disliked by conservative christian groups?
You know how some popular books had a big backlash from the more conservative christian groups? Like The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and the Harry Potter series. What are some other books in that same category?

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Answer by david
all books should be free to read so you can dissect data from theme.
news out today!
the new world religion.
source book for all cultures.
volume one.

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What are the most popular books these days?

Question by hello =D: What are the most popular books these days?
I’m looking for books to read. I’m a 17 years old boy who just discover my passion for books after reading the twilight saga. So what are the most popular books these days.I like books with romance and fantasy like in twilight. I already read HP series. Oh and how do people know what are the most popular book at the moment do they have a website or do you ask in the book stores. If there is a website with news on most popular books please tell me.


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Answer by Inflatable Pigeon
the most popular? that would be twilight
maybe harry potter

ey, i gave you the most popular, thats what you asked for

maybe youd like The Host

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Most Popular Books at Java one

Most Popular Books at Java one
popular books

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Popular books

Popular books
popular books

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Popular Nepali books

Popular Books

Popular Books
popular books

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Popular books for the month of March

Some of the popular books of 2009 that should be read

Recording memories in mediums that can be seen and felt has always been the wish of mankind ever since the ancient times. The practice of noting down information on paper goes quite a long way back in fact, beyond the era of the Egyptians.

The great Pharaohs loved spending their time by reading books and so did the kings and emperors of Greece and Rome. The world today is one that sees an influx of many things along with a decrease in the number of human beings who love to read books.

However, things are looking up with the number of readers having seen an increase in the current years. The reasons for this lie in the form of the books that were released in the year 2007, 2008. Moreover, the books that have been released in 2009 are also capable of becoming worthy reasons to account for the increase in the number.

Some of the books that have made the headlines are as follows:

1.    Coraline
2.    The Friday Night knitting club
3.    Breaking Dawn (the fifth one the Twilight series)


4.    New Moon (the fourth one in the Twilight series)

Coraline is quite a wonderful book and it has been written by the well known author Neil Gaiman. This story of this book revolves the central character called Coraline who lives in a very big house which is also inhabited by many other amusing characters. The element of boredom is the central part of the life of this girl who in order to escape the boredom start to count the number of things that have their colour as Blue.

She, therefore, arrives at a door (which is the 14th door that she locates in the course of her counting). The readers of this book might think that the next page would lead on to another stereotypical fairy tale story with the plot resembling somewhat that of ‘the Chronicles of Narnia’ or even ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for that matter.

But this is where the story takes an unexpected twist and one that is liable to take anyone who reads this book by surprise. Though a world exists beyond this door but it is one which is dark, terrifying and houses nothing but nightmarish things of life.

This book is anyway quite an interesting one to read and one should read it at least once in order to grasp the magnificence of the plot.

Another wonderful book which can be given as an example is the second one in the list mentioned earlier and this book is known as the Friday night Knitting club.

The plot of this book is all about friendship with the medium initiating the act of friendship being none other than knitting. The story can be associated with any real life situation and this fact makes this book all the more interesting to anyone who reads it.

These two examples are quite capable of giving an insight about the potential of all those books which are becoming highly popular books this year. In other words, the popular books of 2009 are certainly ones that are capable of making anyone happy and content.

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