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Book Reviews?

Question by yetimanjz: Book Reviews?
I need a book review[ link or in answer] to the book Elephant Run by Roland Smith. Offering Best answer to Best answer.

Best answer:

Answer by Selentic
| |
| | L O O K
| | D O W N
| |

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book reviews?

Question by caza: book reviews?
i need to find easy to use free online book reviews,
any websites?

Best answer:

Answer by deble_2000
www.bookreporter.com——this is my favorite

your local library website is also a good place

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Book Reviews: The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog, The Series by Jan Britland

Book Reviews: The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog, The Series by Jan Britland
Each book is written in rhyme and has action-packed illustrations that will get kids of all ages interested in the story. A Christmas Story is about Rodger's first Christmas with his pals. They pick out their first Christmas tree.
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Book review: 'The Couple's Retirement Puzzle'
You might review your plan, much as you do your investment portfolio and rebalance priorities as things shift. It makes sense. What couples are thinking about and planning for at age 46 or even 50 is very different than it is at age 60 or 70.
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Brit Book Review: London's Bridges by Peter Matthews
This book is the ultimate guide to the bridges of London. From railway purposes or pedestrian purposes, Matthews looks at every one of London's bridges, giving the history and unique facts about each one. The subject of this book is anything and
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10 Book Reviews in 4 Minutes

www.youtube.com www.thisisnotforums.com Talking fast comes in handy when I lose my camera charger and need to review ten books in four minutes.
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