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What’s the difference between college edition textbooks and normal textbooks?

Question by : What’s the difference between college edition textbooks and normal textbooks?
My sister is going to University of Pennsylvania in the fall, and all her textbooks are supposed to be some sort of magical uPenn textbook, I suppose. Of course these magical textbooks are ridiculously expensive so I was wondering, what’s the difference between these magical college edition textbooks and normal, used textbooks from Amazon/Ebay? And will her work suffer? Lastly, any stories of people who used college edition textbooks, or didn’t, would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Carrie Rock
Are you talking about custom editions? Some professors create custom editions that are sold only at the campus bookstore. It can also be custom packages. If you can discover what is in the package, it is possible to get the pieces from other sources.
I have been working at a college bookstore for 20 years and my advice is to contact the professor and/or go to the campus bookstore and investigate exactly what is being used for the class. Find out the return policy of the bookstore and any other source where you are looking to purchase books.

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Question by akash p: TExtbooks?!?!?!?
if so. what textbooks did you use? what is the authors name and the edition. that would be interesting.
for the subject
= AP Chem
= AP CAlculus BC
= AP Physics B
= AP WOrld History

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Answer by Maggie MercuryMorrisonPage
Physics: Principles with Applications (6th)
gianocolli (not correct spelling)

that’s the only one i remember

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