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How to sell used books – Cash4Books.net

In this video, Jim Smith, President and CEO of Cash4Books.net walks the viewer through the service his company provides. You will learn how to sell you used books and textbooks and earn some easy cash. Please see our site: www.Cash4Books.net

Used Books?

Question by ILoveYou: Used Books?
How does that work i found a really good book ive been looking for in barnes and nobles bt they dont have it they only have it used i wanna know how that works?
Like is it reliable?

Soo how does it work?
This isnt a text book
Its a reading book

Best answer:

Answer by bobbye71
I buy used text books all the time from B & N. On line, they identify the quality of the book, fine, good, poor condition, and identify if there are any problems or say hi-lighting or writing in the margins.

As a rule, these ‘imperfections’ do not create a problem for me, and often times, I find comments helpful. Yes, I do buy used books from B & N all the time as significant savings.

Incidentally, I am working on my doctorate, and new books are very expensive.

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What used book stores in eastern Massachusetts will buy used books from people?

Question by gmaniscertified: What used book stores in eastern Massachusetts will buy used books from people?
I am looking for used book stores in eastern Massachusetts that will buy used books from the average joe. I have only found one or two used book stores that will buy a person’s used books, and it’s a bit of a drive for me to get to either one, so any suggestions are welcome.

Best answer:

Answer by
There’s one in Arlington center on Medford St/route 60, half a block from Mass Ave near the Regent theatre

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used books at local market

used books at local market
used books

Image by blindscapes
another good place to get used books in Male’, is a bookshop near Social Center on Kabaa Aisarani Hingun. Unfortunately a lot of Maldivians are not too used to the ‘used’ products culture.

Find variety of used books at gift shop

Find variety of used books at gift shop
Like the Friends fall and spring book sales, the gift shops' used books benefit everyone who uses the Library services. The Friends recently reported that the two shops took in $ 12146 from the sale of 4849 books and CDs between July and December 2011.
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Used books will be on sale at Cabell library
HUNTINGTON — Gently used books of all type will be on sale Thursday through Saturday, Feb. 2-4, at the Friends of the Cabell County Public Library's Winter Book Sale. Located on the fourth floor of the downtown library, 455 9th Street, the sales will
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John Pulliam: Businesses come and go, some we don't yet know
Buying used books is a great way to save money, but also a method to find true-life stories you can fill in for yourself. I like to think Allison is proud that her dad recycles books by returning ones he's read, then buying new ones — or getting books
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Sell Used Books on eBay and Amazon by Skip McGrath

www.skipmcgrath.com Learn how I sell used books on eBay and Amazon by expert Skip McGrath

used books

used books
used books

Image by coldtaxi
Ah, this is the kind of organization you can only find at a used book store.

A Guide on How to Sell Used Books Online for Stay-at-Home Moms

Nowadays, more and more stay-at-home moms are in search of home-based business opportunities that can help them earn additional income. There are a lot of reasons why moms prefer home-based employment. For one thing, they want to spend more time with their children, to take care of them and attend to their needs. If you are one of the stay-at-home moms who are looking for an additional source of income, the internet is definitely your best bet – and if you have been collecting books for many years, as most stay-at-home people are able to do, you can sell used books online.

A business opportunity that allows home-based women to sell books online is ideal due to several noble and practical reasons; for one, selling your old books online will not only bring additional income but will also help other people who are in search of rare books. Furthermore, there are a lot of college students across the country who are using these textbooks so selling your old books can be your way of reaching out.

In fact, a lot of people sell old books on the internet to make additional income for themselves. Whatever kind of books you have, you can sell them online to those who are in need. There are a lot of websites where you can sell your old books and all you need to do is research. Aside from earning additional cash, selling old books is also a great way to dispose all of those old books that you will no longer use.


For stay-at-home moms like you who want to get rid of old books and earn money at the same time, here are some useful tips:

1. Before you begin selling your books, it is recommended to go through your entire collection and choose the books that you want to dispose. If your objective is to reduce the number of books in your collection, you should contemplate on which books you want to keep and which ones you want to get rid of. It is best to keep the books that you really treasure and want to read again, those books that have sentimental value to you and those that contain special information that are not easily found anywhere, even online.
2. Sell old books that are in good condition. You should not sell books that are very old, extremely marked up and have torn, stained and missing pages. Make sure to sell books that have clean appearance, no missing or torn pages, minimal or no markings, and with covers that are in good condition. However, there will always be exceptions – books that are collector’s editions, rare, or first editions.
3. After organizing your used books to be sold, note down their ISBN numbers, which can be seen on the back cover or inside the book (on the first page). It is best to create a text document of all your books’ ISBN numbers so that it will be a lot easier for you when checking prices at various book buying websites.
4. Once you have a record of your books to sell, it is now time to go online and choose the website where you can sell your old books. You have two options – go for websites that will let you sell to a buyer directly – just list your book, wait for someone to purchase it, and then deliver it to the buyer. Another way is to sell a large number of books to a single buyer. Although the price for each book is a bit lower in these websites, you can get a lump sum. Also, you do not need to go to the Post Office several times.

Being a stay-at-home mom should not hinder you from earning additional income for your family. This is especially true for those moms who have accumulated a lot of books overtime. With thorough research, you can find a good website and sell used books online easily.

If you are interested in finding out additional effective strategies for achieving profitability in the business of selling books online, please visit www.sellyourbooksonline.com, You will find helpful articles, proven online bookselling techniques, and daily updates with new tips and tricks of the trade.

Make a secure deal to buy used books on the internet

It is a well accepted fact that most of the online book sellers are always concerned about their image and reputation. This is why they prefer selling the best and reliable stuff. It is still a major issue for a buyer to or simply books from a seller whom they have never met in their entire life. Few things are there that if kept in mind can save a buyer from repenting. These are as given below-

If one always prefers the cheapest price to then the simple conclusion is that one is going to get disappointed later on. Do remember that there is always some reason if book is priced at a very low rate. In very rare cases the seller can also price it at a low rate for clearing this old stock and therefore selling it in bulk. Worst is the case when the book is not in good condition. Sellers providing cheap price would be doing late shipment of the book.

Always read out the description of the book. If it is listed that books are water stained, pretty good as per the age or even have smell of the old book, then these are some negatives features. Always look for long descriptions. Do not get turned off by some flaws as they would be in some better state as compared to those termed as in general condition or having no details.

Ask for any confusion to ; whether the book is the first edition as promised by the seller or not. Ask how they have identified this book as first edition and check out if they are able to give answer to the question with ease and detail or not. Ask for anything that is not understood. The key point is to ask before finalizing the deal.

Most of the sellers use some business terms just to attract the customers and for which they do not even care whether the buyer understands them or not. Do not buy if they do not show courtesy or have time for the queries.

Make certain to look at the photos of the books to . During the auctions one should never make any bid on the books that are without photographs. It gets much important if the book is further more expensive. The buyer can ask for the scanned copy of the books.

Check out the contact information. Verify they have telephone number or email address and it is right.

Go through the terms of sale of the sellers. It will tell what mode of payment would be accepted, return policy and mode of delivery. Prefer making payments through credit card which is a completely safe option. Do report problems always.

Thus these are some clues that will be helpful to at the best price, in good condition and hence good value of money.

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Used books……!?

Question by AT: Used books……!?
I have some used books that i can’t resell because the college is asking for newer editions. What’s the best way to get rid of the books that i don’t need and get some money too? thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Steven M
Your best bet is ebay or craigslist. I think craigslist would be better because its local. Students from you school might look on there and you can make the trade at school. Besides with Ebay you might have to pay shipping.

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