Top 5 General/ Romance Books

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Go to for forums. The Books: The Luxe by Anna Godberson Perefect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

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25 comments to “Top 5 General/ Romance Books”

  1. Comment by MakiahTheGreat:


  2. Comment by Dannie0910:

    I love perfect Chemistryy!!!!! <3 That book had my eyes glued to its pages !

  3. Comment by tjintol:

    O my gosh! you’re the one who got me into perfect chemistry! I love you soooo much for that!! : <3

  4. Comment by kissgoodbyexx:

    You should read Stolen by Lucy Christopher!

  5. Comment by Theiheartmeth:

    twighlight saga is one of my faves :)

  6. Comment by joe4753:

    have u read Tuck ever lasting

  7. Comment by dalooqa1987:

    love to watch you very entertaining i must say lol i wanna read all the books RIGHT NOW aahhhh i think im going to start with Markus Zusak :) thnx

  8. Comment by superstaaaar1:

    um yeah. twilight is romantic, so is thousands of other books.

  9. Comment by mrsjcullen13:

    twilight is romantic to dont leave it out

  10. Comment by abc123band:

    The Book Thief ranks in the top three of the best books I’ve ever read. Period.

  11. Comment by HungerGamesDis4:

    What library has the second book, but not the first? How about mine!? I’m not talking about the Luxe series, tho. lol :)

  12. Comment by KenaAkira:

    Perfect chemistry is amazing!!!!!

  13. Comment by ChocolateORE:

    Can anyone recommend a really good romance story that doesnt have too sappy an ending? Maybe one of those that leaves the ending to perspective? Thanks.

  14. Comment by TheNatalieHOPE:

    I AM SOOO MAD! i read the Luxe and LOVED IT! but i went to get the sequel at my local library and they didnt have it! i mean what library has the first but not the second!?!?

  15. Comment by tjintol:

    I’ll have to read Perfect Chemistry, because I’m kinda classified as one of those rich little white girls and my boyfriend is mexican. I have to see what it like cus me and him did not like each other but grew closer. I gotta read it!

  16. Comment by xXBrittneyBalisticXx:

    I love love love Perfect Chemistry!
    I’m so glad someone else knows of this book, I found it in the sale rack at my local book store and had to have it! I finished it in a day. Brilliant book.

  17. Comment by Mspopwar64:

    There is another modernized retelling of the Beauty and the Beast called “Beastly” by Alex Flinn, its in the “beast’s” point of view, i loved it so check it out!

  18. Comment by eldritchowl:

    jsdfsa;jfsa; the good earth is one of my favorite books ever. it just sticks with you.

  19. Comment by mainstdancer08:

    i might try to read the luex series, as soon as i get the money to buy the first book

  20. Comment by katiewashere2:

    WHOS TELLING THE STORY !! i troed to read it but i just dont understand !

  21. Comment by bbbff1996:

    What happened to the Fantasy book list??

  22. Comment by badassbella101:

    Death narrates the Book Thief, if you don’t already know

  23. Comment by WeirdButCool441:

    The good earth is awesome I really love it, I see why you put it in there.

  24. Comment by seros2010:

    Check out, “Story Book Poetry By Sky Nguyen”, on Amazon, New Action & Romance Saga, you’ll love it

  25. Comment by doublewhitemocha:

    I’m currently reading The Luxe series. It better all work itself out in the end. Right now it’s ripping my heart out. But it’s a very good series.

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