Twilight – Official Trailer [HD]

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Release Date: 13 Nov 08 Genre: Fantasy | Romance Cast:Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Director: Catherine Hardwicke Writers: Novel: Stephenie Meyer Screenplay: Melissa Rosenberg Studio: Summit Entertainment Plot: Based on the best-selling novel by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight focuses on two young lovers, swept away by destiny, who destroy the delicate balance between the hunter and the hunted with dangerous consequences. Subscribe Now:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 comments to “Twilight – Official Trailer [HD]”

  1. Comment by Saraandisun:

    i watches this a long time ago!!!

  2. Comment by KristnSwan:

    i remeber when i watched this on tv such a long time ago!

  3. Comment by FoxTheZombieSlayer:

    WHat song is used here on the preview??

  4. Comment by XGenericXUsernameX:

    Leaked breaking dawn intro here, guys:


  5. Comment by 054martinm:

    im team who gives a shit ;)

  6. Comment by bosyaRaymkulove:


  7. Comment by qiezaosheen:

    @TheFishyNacho We? well that’s you.

  8. Comment by 909binay:

    I saw this movie friday when it came out at… And all i got to say is it was everything the comic is… No tampering… Everything was done right… This movie was perfect.

  9. Comment by Zarakhan15:

    Hey guys im from austria and i dont like movies like this one but yesterday i watched this on and after the film i was like this: OMG what kind of movie! THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! go and watch it!

  10. Comment by singularku:

    team myself! i am awespme!

  11. Comment by erica37797:

    Just watched this movie in cinema, and i gotta say, if some magazine gives this 4/5 or 9/10, screw them this is the best movie ever by FAR! I am checking it on again to catch all the details.

  12. Comment by EnzoCheLatino:

    this is about a ugly emo girl trying to decide if she rather commit bestiality or necrophilia.

  13. Comment by TheFishyNacho:

    This Film was kinda boring.
    We hate it because its overrated.
    We dont hate the cast just the franchise.
    The Twilight franchise is a disgrace to Vampires,Werewolves,and Humanity.
    What do you mean by good? the books and the films suck to begin with.

  14. Comment by nicoleasm1:

    I remember first seeing this trailer, without having read the books, and I kept thinking, this looks stupid!! they’re making a movie about kids being super heros?? I only saw the movie b/c it was #1 at the box office. But I loved it, and read the books right after, now Im hooked! So I have to laugh as the trailer means something completely different to me now.

  15. Comment by NintendoFreak29:

    How many of you came here just to read the comments?

  16. Comment by 121astra:

    One of the best movies i have ever seen, 17x saw at in the last weeks. Main actress is awesome, cannot wait for the dvd to have it in my private collection :)

  17. Comment by masumk964:

    Saw the movie last night and I loved it. Everything in that movie was good. I’m so getting the movie when it comes out. I am seeing it on for now, so go and get it if you like…

  18. Comment by BuffyTheSlayer14:

    Exactly what are haters jealous of? Why would I want to be jealous of something like Twilight?

  19. Comment by avrilchy:

    the best movie ever ! i love robert pattinson & kristen stewart <3 :D (don’t care about haters, cause they are just jealous xd)

  20. Comment by 1089aef:

    What’s with all the vampire stuff the last couple of years! Really weird!

  21. Comment by Truthlovelie:

    made my eyes bleed.

  22. Comment by graceemale:

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  23. Comment by 121astra:

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  24. Comment by erica37797:

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  25. Comment by qiezaosheen:

    This is not a bad film actually.
    You hate it because everybody hate it.
    You hate it because everybody hate the cast.
    You hate it because that is not what vampire looks like.
    admit it.
    well, I don’t like it much but it still good though.

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