We bought a zoo book?

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If you haven’t seen the movie we bought a zoo then you should.

It is a great movie about a family that buys an old zoo and the process helps them work through some really sad family things that happened to them in the past.

You will like the movie especially if you enjoy the zoo. Most people do and they especially love to bring their family there. And sense this is a family movie it is a win win for everyone.

Does anyone know if this movie was based off a book? I would really like to read this book if so. What a wonderful story.

Personally I live in dallas and I go to the Dallas zoo. They have some incredible animals there. One time I was there and the giraffes were running wildly around their home. If you have never seen a giraffe run it is incredible. They gallop and each step seems like it is 10 feet long. Apparently they have a very fast full speed. The last time I went I found this site dallaszoocoupon.com and I was able to use the AAA membership discount! Ah YEAH!

If you get a chance to go to the Dallas zoo you have to go and see the Wilds of Africa section. They have this Rhino that is so cool, some amazing big cats, the giraffe like I mentioned before. It is just such a cool section to go to.

Anyway that is about it for now. If you know about the book, please leave a comment.

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