What kind of book stores will allow book signings of self published books?

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Question by : What kind of book stores will allow book signings of self published books?
I don’t know of any book stores that will permit book signings of self published books. I’m assuming borders and barnes and noble won’t because they only want to sell traditionally published books. So if I want to arrange a book signing, whom should I arrange it with? My book is an urban fantasy (it’s a real world and no mythical creatures. The only fantasy element is magic). I need good answers please.

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Answer by cathrl69
You could try a local independent? You’re right, none of the big chains will touch self-published books. They’ve simply seen so many really bad ones.

To be honest, though, who are you expecting to come? Most self-published books sell zero copies to anyone who the author doesn’t know personally. You don’t need a book signing to sign copies for your family and friends.

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3 comments to “What kind of book stores will allow book signings of self published books?”

  1. Comment by Courtney:

    Try reading these websites, it’s not just about book signing, but your entire self publishing help. They look really good.



    Also, you may have to market your book before you can have a signing (if you haven’t done that already). What did you write about? Try getting a place to do a book signing where your book is alike the surroundings. Hope this helped! Byez, :) )

  2. Comment by Joss:

    Dare I say this, lol, but I’ve heard a PublishAmerica (vanity press) author say that she was able to score a signing with a local bookstore because fantasy was selling very well locally, and they wanted to quickly schedule a signing for her book. The downside was the publisher. The author ordered many books for her signing and the publisher was late getting them delivered and the author was feeling pressure from the bookstore that wanted to quickly schedule a signing, and she was afraid that they would resend the offer. There are many problems with PublishAmerica, so don’t even think about them as your publisher, else you’ll regret it and waste your book on them.

    I’ve also heard of self-published authors who are able to get signings and get one or two of their books stocked in local bookstores. You have to get out and visit every bookstore and convince the manager to carry the book and possibly let you have a signing. If you have a local fan base that’s ready and willing to show up and buy your book, I can only imagine that’ll make it easier, don’t know for sure though. It’s not completely impossible, but you have to get out there and convince each local bookstore. Some bookstores are receptive to local authors, and don’t forget the small, independent bookstores.

    Also, there are other places you can have book signings, like coffee shoppes. There’s a local author in my city who’s having her debut signing at a local glass factory. Take it where you can get it. The problem I can foresee is that as an unknown, self-published author, no one will have heard of you or your book, so you might have a problem getting people to attend a signing for your book. Alas, one of the perils of self-publishing.

    Check some writers websites and message boards for other ideas. absolutewrite.com/forums has some self-published authors.

    Good luck.

  3. Comment by Kim S.:

    Most book stores will do a book signing for all authors—even unknown self-published authors. And, if the signing goes well, then they may even consider carrying the book.

    Here’s a great article on how to set up a bookstore signing:


    Please also click on the below links to be redirected to more helpful information on book publishing, copyright protection, additional book sales & marketing ideas, etc… Whatever questions you have will be answered here.

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